Many common household items can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands.

We recently received this question from a viewer:

Dr. Manny,
What should a parent do if they think their child has ingested poison? Should I induce vomiting or wait until I see symptoms before taking them to the hospital?

This situation can happen to any parent. If you think your child has swallowed a poisonous substance, you should definitely call your poison control center right away.

Look for symptoms like:
- Abdominal pain
- Drowsiness
- Difficulty breathing
- Seizures

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It is important to seek medical attention immediately.

For more information on this topic, I spoke to Dr. Michael Lucchesi, chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in New York.

“Call your local poison control center, and have the product with you,” Lucchesi said. “They are going to ask you exactly what you took, and you can read it off the product. If you have taken something of significance, you will be asked to seek emergency care.”

Lucchesi said you should never induce vomiting on your own and don’t try to neutralize the product.

Always remember, prevention is the best way to keep your family safe.

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