In some cultures, as soon as a baby is born, the father whispers a message into the child's ears. I've seen it done with some of the babies I've delivered, and while I never ask what was said, I'm sure it's a massage of hope and love.

I don't know if my father did anything like that when I was born, but he did make sure to tell me early on in my life, that America was the land of hope and opportunity. And I believe that it was then, and it always will be.

I know that for many people right now this seems like a difficult concept to believe in, but for some of us, today's troubles are the challenges that will continue to make our future great.

The stresses that most Americans are experiencing right now are overwhelming. I see it in my own practice - unfortunately these days it seems even the joy of a new baby is sometimes overshadowed by the financial strain of a growing family. I tell some of my patients that are dealing with these feelings of anxiety to reflect on their past and see how America has always been there for them.

It's human nature to survive, and throughout history, we have seen people survive through much worse conditions than we are in today. This isn't the first time a nation has faced hardship, and history has shown us that even at the lowest points, through two world wars, depressions, the Holocaust, famine and terrorism, just to name a few, the human spirit has prevailed. And today, we as Americans will not surrender.

As a kid, I grew up in a communist dictatorship where our survival was predicated on dealing with a black market economy. My father came to America with just a coat and $150 in his pocket. America made him a new man and allowed him to work hard and build up his family. He stopped thinking about the worst-case scenario, and focused on making an honest living.

America will never fail - just look back in our history. The world has seen many terrible things. But rather than surrendering to your worries about the present, think of the past and remember the words of Winston Churchill, who in his most desperate moments, rallied those around him, by saying "We will fight in the hills, we will never surrender."