Viral photo shows baby grabbing doctor's finger while still in womb

When Alicia Atkins of Glendale, Ariz., was undergoing a routine C-section in October, something extraordinary happened.

Atkins's baby girl – still inside her mother’s womb – reached up and grabbed her OBGYN’s finger.  Realizing how special the moment was, Dr. Allen Sawyer, who has also delivered Atkins’s other two children, called to her husband Randy to grab the camera.

In a split second, he was able to capture the special moment just in time.

“I think it’s an amazing, beautiful photo; it’s just a precious photo at this point,” Atkins told

Atkins is actually a professional photographer herself and owns her own business called A Classic Pin-Up Photography.  She shared the remarkable photo on her business’ Facebook page the day after Christmas, and it has since gone viral, having been shared more than 2,000 times.  Atkins said she did not expect how popular the photo would become.

“It’s a little overwhelming, we never expected it to go viral – especially worldwide,” Atkins said.  “We are so thrilled beyond words at how positive and grateful people are that we shared it.”

Atkins and her husband have named their new baby girl Neveah, which is ‘Heaven’ spelled backwards.  On her Facebook page, Atkins describes all of her kids as “miracle children.”

Meanwhile, the irony that her husband used her camera to take the photo is not lost on her.

“It was a little weird that my husband took one of the most popular photos on the site,” Atkins said.