Doctors have yet to determine the cause of a mysterious illness that has triggered a young woman to grow human nails from her hair follicles, Medical Daily reported.

Shanyna Isom, 28, from Memphis, Tenn., said the bizarre condition began three years ago after she suffered from a severe allergic reaction to steroids.  Meant to treat her asthma, the steroids instead caused her to start itching all over within hours, and black bumps began to cover her legs.

For two years, Isom sought the help of various doctors, who treated her for everything from eczema to Staphylococcal, Medical Daily said.  Soon the skin condition was so debilitating that Isom became bedridden.

Finally in 2011, doctors in Baltimore identified the bizarre bumps to be human nails, and Isom’s skin was in fact suffocating because she was producing 12 times the average amount of skin cells from each hair follicle.

Though doctors have discovered the composition of the bumps, they have yet to diagnose the illness.  Isom has now been able to control her symptoms, but fears she cannot continue to pay for treatment as she currently owes $250,000 in medical bills.

Isom has set up the S.A.I. Foundation to help raise money for her treatment

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