U.S. Hospitals Recruit Wealthy Mexican Patients Looking For Treatment

Call it top-notch health care à la carte.

Looking for additional revenue, many U.S. health clinics and hospitals are seeking to expand their customer base by marketing to international clients.

The Mayo Clinic and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are among those seeking to cater to foreign patients by offering everything from care in their own language to foods familiar to their culture.

International patients say they are drawn to U.S. health care by its innovative and progressive approach. They feel more reassured in coming here that they're getting the best care in the world.

Even patients in countries like Mexico, where there is a free, government-provided health care system, say they are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to come to the U.S. because doctors here have access to better technology and research. And they give patients a choice in deciding what treatment plan to pursue.

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