Top 10 Foods to Avoid at a Music Festival

Summertime music festivals bring about great music and a plethora of gluttonous treats. Vendor stations are strategically placed to seduce you with the scent of bacon-wrapped hot dogs, greasy pizza and buttery popcorn.

A slice of pizza after having a few beers with your friends doesn’t seem so bad until you wake up the next morning with a belly ache, swollen from all the sodium, not to mention the side order of guilt.

If you are of the healthier variety and need some healthier alternatives, here is a list of the top 10 music festival foods that should be avoided in order to stay on track while rocking out.

1. Beer. What’s the point of going to a show if you can’t have some spirits? I won’t kill your spirits, so have a glass of red wine or a bottle of light beer. On average they contain between 85-105 calories. Wine is rich with antioxidants. Just don’t overdo it.

2. Colossal Dogs. A hot dog is not an option, it typically runs between 400-650 calories. If possible, go for just plain chicken. Protein helps sustain alertness and mental energy, something you may need while rocking out.

3. Pizza. A single slice will range from 380-450 calories, Festival slices are usually about ¼ of the entire pizza that is already oversized. Don’t do it.

4. The Pig in a Bacon Blanket. This greasy treat runs between 470-500 calories and is loaded with saturated fats. If mixed with too much alcohol, you are sure to blow chunks.

5. Frozen Lemonade. Sugary drinks like frozen lemonade on average contain 27-54 grams of sugar per serving, not to mention the fact that you’re consuming precious food calories. Save your calories for food. Drink water.

6. Stay away from the carb stand! Carbohydrates in high calorie treats tend to have a tranquilizing effect on the body. The last thing you want is to feel sluggish when your favorite band comes out on stage. Instead share a small bag of butterless popcorn with a friend.

7. Soft Pretzel. A soft pretzel will range from 380-470 calories.  If there are pretzels made of whole grain, it’s not terrible, but split it with a friend to reduce your calories, and no salt!

8. Nachos. A 4 oz serving of nacho cheese contains 181 calories. Aside from being really fattening, the addition of tortilla chips makes for a bloated surprise.

9. Chili Cheese Fries. Fried carbs slathered in chilli should never be an option if you’re dieting. Instead, grab some baked chips.

10. Condiment Stand. Music festivals like to cater in bulk, the condiment stands will be set up with jumbo-size condiments and large pumps to allow uncontrolled serving portions. Typically condiments are sodium-heavy, so avoid. Find single-serve packets when possible.

Remember to plan. Have a healthy dinner before you get to the festival. If possible have a healthier treat after the show; you will have more options making it easier to stay on track.