Many people want a healthier, more active sex life, but some may be too afraid to speak up about what they want – especially women.

Dr. Jennifer Landa, OBGYN and author of ‘The Sex Drive Solution for Women,’ shared ways in which women can rejuvenate and revitalize their lost libido.

The primary sexual deterrents Landa addressed were what she called “libido blockers” -- aspects of a person’s life that can stop a woman’s desire to have intercourse.  She said a common “libido blocker” was taking birth control pills.

“When you take oral estrogens, it raises the levels of a certain chemical, sex hormone-binding globulin-which binds up your free testosterone,” Landa said.  “So it makes your free testosterone not work as well.  And we know that testosterone is the hormone of desire, so women’s desire goes down.”

Another lifestyle choice that is a huge libido killer is stress, according to Landa.  Not only do stressed people feel too busy to make time for sex, but stress also increases the amount of cortisol hormone in a person’s body.   An increase in cortisol can help lower the production of testosterone.

But Landa also listed a number of “libido boosters” that can combat the blockers.  Good nutrition helps boost a person’s sexual energy, while exercise gets blood flowing to the genitals and increases testosterone production.

Landa added managing stress levels is also a key tool in getting your sexual health back on track.