Since Friday, more than 3000 people have visited a four-day clinic in Sacramento, Calif., to get free health care, Fox40 reported.

Organized by the group Remote Area Medical, the event features health checks, dentistry and vision. Approximately 600 volunteers have worked at the clinic each day to accommodate all the patients.  Out of the 600, 400 are medical professionals.

Dr. Russell Webb, an oral maxillofacial surgeon for 35 years, told Fox40 the four days he’s spending at the clinic are, “one of the most rewarding things we’ve ever done.”

Webb has seen approximately 200 to 300 patients at the clinic – a number he estimated would take one to two weeks at his office.

The care he’s provided ranges from cleaning to extractions, however he has also seen a few more extreme cases.

“Two dozen patients where we’ve had to take out all of their teeth,” Webb told Fox40.

He and other doctors at the clinic said nearly every patient has come for similar reasons: lost jobs and lack of government assistance programs.

According to Fox40, RAM said all the medical care provided by the clinic would total over $1.3 million.

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