The importance of donating to cancer research

Last month, Roger Ailes was awarded the prestigious Bradley Prize.  The mission of the Bradley Foundation is to strengthen American democratic capitalism and promote a vigorous defense of American ideas and institutions.  Less government, which I support, is the only way we will all survive economically.

So does this mean government should stay out of funding cancer research?

There is no direct answer for this.  However, a module of support should be coming from the government, but the substantial participation is a responsibility of private individuals whose good fortune dictates an obligation to society.

This problem possibly exists because parents are not emphasizing the importance of charitable responsibilities to their children.  There was a time when faith, hope and charity meant something, but that seems to be dissipating.  Supporting cancer research has to come from either one's experiences with the disease or from a kindness that emanates from social upbringing.  As parents, are we forgetting that to be a charitable person is driven from the heart and soul of one's conscience?

One out of every two men will be diagnosed with cancer in his lifetime, and one out of every three women in her lifetime. Therefore, there is an unquestionable need for cancer research.  But, for the expenditure necessary to conduct research, cancer will never be eradicated.

I hope that sooner, rather than later, charity will once again become both a family value as well as a community value.

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