The 50 most wrinkle-prone US cities

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Could your city be giving you wrinkles? A new study by RoC suggests yes.

The skincare brand recently teamed up with research firm Sperling's Best Places to determine the 50 U.S. cities that are toughest on skin today, and those that will be most damaging down the road, in the year 2040.

To come up with their wrinkle index, the researchers factored in UV exposure and smoking rates, of course; but they also considered things like exercise habits, diet, and hours spent on the job.

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The no. 1 wrinkliest city of 2016? Riverside, California. The sun-soaked locale clocked in as the biggest skin saboteur, thanks to its hot, dry weather, pollution, and long commute times.

But the researchers predict that 24 years from now, that top spot will shift east, to the City of Brotherly Love. Currently ranked #3, Philadelphia will become even more hazardous to its residents' complexions, due in part to rising smoking rates and stress levels. (For the complete list, see the RoC Wrinkle Ranking.)

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Denver nabs the no. 2 spot on the 2040 forecast, as it's expected to get hotter and hotter. The city's rise in average temperature will be among the top five in the nation, according to the report.

Seattle (which is predicted to get drier), Chicago (with one of the longest average commutes in the country), and Minneapolis (also expected to get warmer) are forecasted as the third, fourth, and fifth most winkle-prone cities of the future.

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Thinking about relocating? Consider San Jose, California! Way down at #50, it just may be home to the fountain of youth.

But if you have no plans to move, don't sweat it: There are plenty of ways you can protect your skin, no matter where you live—from using a quality retinol cream to sleeping on a silk pillowcase. For more advice, check out our collection of the best anti-aging tips of all time.

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