Texas mosquito infects local man with Zika virus, health officials say

A man was diagnosed with Zika virus while living in Texas, the first infection transmitted from a local mosquito in the state this year, health officials announced on Wednesday.

The man from Rio Grande Valley did not travel to other states or countries prior to his diagnosis, according to Texas Health and Human Services. He was tested and is not at risk of transmitting the disease to other mosquitoes.

"Thousands of Zika tests have been done since a DSHS recommendation in April expanded testing of pregnant women and people with Zika symptoms in six South Texas counties," officials said in a news release.


In November and December 2015, the Brownsville area had six locally transmitted cases of Zika reported.

The mosquito-borne virus became a major health concern last year with an increase of infants born with microcephaly, an abnormally small head. More than 5,000 Zika cases were reported last year -- with 224 cases reported to be local Zika transmission in the U.S., the CDC reported.

Health officials still advise pregnant or women who are expecting to be pregnant to avoid countries where the disease is most prominent.