I am on top of the world, still energized by the success of our 4th Annual Power of Comedy. The idea behind the POC is that humor can play a very important role in a patient's recovery.

Laughter releases endorphins, which are central to one's sense of well-being.  Runners become addicted to running and the sense of happiness and calm they experience.  I have believed this for years, which is why I do this event and why the Noreen Fraser Foundation website is filled with comedians performing in hilarious skits. Comedians are angels who have been sent to help heal us, and Jimmy Kimmel, (Power of Comedy's honoree this year), was born with the ability to make people laugh.

Never let a day go by without a good belly laugh.  Whether it's a movie you rent or a conversation with your funniest girlfriend, make a pledge to laugh more this year.

How about going around the Thanksgiving table, asking everyone to tell a joke?  Round Two can be sharing what you are thankful for.

I am thankful for all those who attended our fundraiser and donated dollars to research. There were also donors who did not attend but still wrote a check.  I am thankful for our partners, Variety magazine (Hollywood's number one publication for the entertainment industry), Stella and Dot, Harry and David, and for my Foundation's most generous board of directors.

This Thanksgiving many of you are looking to make a year-end donation for tax purposes. Please consider a donation to the Noreen Fraser Foundation for women's cancer research. The grants we have made to research have made a huge difference.  One drug we really believe in is about to complete a Phase 3 clinical trial, and it will soon be available to patients in one year.  This drug will be the biggest breakthrough in breast cancer treatment in the last decade.

The Noreen Fraser Foundation knows research, and we will keep up the fight until cancer becomes a chronic illness, much like diabetes – a disease you can live with and not die from.

Love and hug everyone with whom you are sharing Thanksgiving!