Technology eliminates sweating

For new mom Linda Fanelli, dealing with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, was a daily struggle.

"I was truthfully very tired of caking on deodorant, getting it all over my clothes, being conscious of that whenever I would leave the house,” Fanelli said. “I had a little travel size deodorant in my bag, just so I can keep things in check throughout the day, and you know, that is a lot of energy to put into my underarms."

Fanelli turned to her dermatologist, New York City-based Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, who introduced her to Mira Dry, the latest technology to stop hyperhidrosis.

The FDA-approved procedure is non-invasive and targets sweat glands with controlled electromagnetic energy to eliminate them permanently.

"It’s two sessions, usually done three months apart, but the results are seen immediately even after the first session,” Rokhsar said. “Patients report that their armpit sweating is down by 50 to 60 percent after the first session, and usually 80 to 90 percent after the second session."

The patient’s underarms are numbed with a local anesthetic, making the procedure painless. From start to finish, Rokhsar said the procedure takes about an hour, and there are minimal side effects.

"So some heat, a little bit swollen, slightly tender, nothing that wasn't manageable," Fanelli said.

An estimated one in five people suffer from hyperhidrosis.  Before Mira Dry, Botox injections were the only other solution to stop sweating, but it only lasts about six months.

"Up until now there really wasn't a long-term solution. So I think this procedure is going to change the way people think about the treatment of this condition," Rokhsar said.

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