Target pulls 2 fidget spinners amid lead concerns

Target pulled two models of fidget spinners from store shelves and its website over the weekend after a public advocacy group said it found high levels of lead in the popular products.

Fidget Wild Premium Spinner in brass and metal, sold by Target and distributed by Bulls i Toy, LLC, were pulled from store shelves starting Friday, USA Today reported. A Target spokeswoman said in a statement to Fox News that the products followed all U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines, but were removed “based on the concerns raised.”

“While these two products comply with all CPSC guidelines for fidget spinners, based on the concerns raised, we’re removing them from our assortment,” the spokeswoman said in a statement. “Additionally, we’re working closely with our vendors to ensure all of the fidget spinners carried at Target meet the CPSC’s guidelines for children’s products.”

The fidget spinners were not available on Target’s website as of Sunday.

U.S. PIRG, a public advocacy group, released a report on Thursday detailing the amount of lead in the toys and demanding Target and Bulls i Toy remove the products and issue a public statement on the alleged high levels of lead in the toys. The group said tests conducted showed the items contained between 520 parts per million and 33,000 ppm of lead. The federal requirement for children's toys states that lead content cannot exceed 100 ppm.

U.S. PIRG said when it alerted CPSC about the lead discovery, the agency said the fidget spinners were considered general use products, not toys. The spinners were not required to meet federal lead standards. U.S. PIRG argued that though the fidget spinners were marketed for people 14 or older, Target also said on its website that it was available for children 6 or older. The items were also found in the aisles of several stores, according to the report.

The CPSC guidelines state that some fidget spinners could be children’s products.

U.S. PIRG said in a statement on Saturday that it was “pleased” Target removed the fidget spinners from store shelves.

“Now, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC), Target and its supplier Bulls i Toy need to ensure that the products are recalled, so that people who have already purchased the products won’t suffer any health consequences from playing with these toxic toys,” the group wrote on its website.