Not only did your big brother steal your Halloween candy throughout childhood, but as an adult he probably makes more money than you too, MarketWatch reported Friday, citing recently released survey findings.

As if years of retribution-free teasing were not sweet enough, it turns out that first-born kids are the most likely to earn six figure salaries and hold a top executive position among workers with siblings, according to findings from jobs website CareerBuilder.com.

Meanwhile, middle kids are the most likely to report holding an entry-level spot and earning less than $35,000, while siblings born last are the most likely to work in middle management.

“The first-born child is usually in a leadership role in the household and it continues into their career,” said Michael Erwin, senior career adviser at CareerBuilder.com. “The middle child tends to be more of the peacekeeper. The last born is more of the free spirit.”

The survey was conducted online between May 18 and June 8 among 5,708 full-time workers. Results also indicate that only children are more likely to earn six figures and to be a top executive, while workers with siblings are more likely to have job satisfaction.

“You know how to work better with a team because you’ve had siblings. An only child is used to doing things on their own,” Erwin said.

According to the CareerBuilder.com survey, depending on order of birth, individuals tend to be in certain types of work.

Those who are born first usually go into the fields of government, information technology, engineering and science. Middle children often go into law enforcement, fire-fighting, construction, education, and personal care. Those born last frequently go into art/design/architecture, editing/writing, information technology and sales.

Only children tend toward information technology, engineering, nursing and law enforcement.

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