As the weather heats up and summer approaches, the clothing layers peel off and the skin comes out.   But is your skin glowing enough to show it off in that new summer bathing suit?

Dr. Elie Levine, plastic surgeon and the director of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of New York, says besides wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from aging, there are other fundamental anti-aging measures you can take to get your skin looking radiant.

“Drinking lots of water is great.  Hydrating is not just for your internal organs, but it’s also for your skin.  And then, a diet that consists of high in vitamins, high in antioxidants, and high in essential fatty acids, like the omega three’s are great,” he says.

He says foods like green tea, blue berries, salmon, and walnuts are super foods that will help whip your skin into glowing shape.

To learn more, watch the video.

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