A cancer-stricken elementary school teacher received an emotional musical tribute of support from her students when the choir at her Staten Island school surprised her with an angelic rendition of Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.”

Adriana Lopez, 48, was left in tears when the students, under the direction of PS22’s choir director Gregg Breinberg,  began the song as she walked into the auditorium  at Breinberg’s request on June 25.

In the viral video, released Tuesday, the children can be seen smiling, each waving a flower in the air as they sing. At the conclusion, Lopez tells the students, “It’s not easy but I will get through it because I have wonderful friends at this school.”

Lopez, who is a bilingual fourth grade teacher at the school and has been there for only a year, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and Breinberg  said he wanted to show the school’s support for the battle ahead that lies ahead for her.

Breinberg told FOX411, “She is truly one of the most amazing not only teachers but human beings I have ever met.  She got her diagnosis mid-way through this school year.  The devastation of that news and going through the treatments you have to live through it to understand.

“She would laugh off the pain she is going through.  We needed to acknowledge her.  She is one of the newest members to our family at PS22 but is one of the most beloved.”

A teacher for 28 years, Lopez was completely surprised by the children’s tribute to her.

“Gregg is a wonderful choral teacher and told me to go into the auditorium and I knew something was funny,” she told Fox.

“ As I was walking down and Gregg started smiling, and said he had a very special treat from the children.  They’re a great bunch of children and a great school.  As soon I was diagnosed they were very supportive.”

Dedicated to her students, Lopez vows to not miss school as she continues to endure debilitating cancer treatments.

“I finished my sixth chemo.  I have two more to go and then 35 days radiation…  I love my job.  I have too many kids to teach and my own two boys,” Lopez said.

Breinberg added that his colleague is “fighting valiantly.  She’s such an inspiration to us – the students, the staff,  the entire school. It’s too early to say if the treatments are working but we are putting our money on her. Beyond all the pain and devastation she’s kept her spirits so high.”

The YouTube video already has over 120,000 views and counting since it was posted.

Country superstar McBride responded to the video via her official Twitter page