Steamed Okra

I've got a little story to go along with today's recipe. I was at the park recently with Kenya to play and have dinner. We were hanging out with a bunch of neighborhood dads and their kids and one of the things I was feeding Kenya was some steamed okra.

This is how the conversation went_

Dad A: What's that green stuff? Me: It's okra. Dad A: What's okra? Dad B: It's a vegetable that people eat in the south. It's really slimy.

At this point a gorgeous little girl with wide eyes walked up, staring at me and Kenya as to say "can I have some?"

Me (to the little girl): Would you like some? Dad A: She won't like it. Me (to Dad A): Can I offer her some? Dad A: I'm telling you she won't like it, but ok!

The girl's dad was right. She didn't like it ... she loved it! The little girl ate not one, not two, but six pieces of okra. I've given okra to several other kids with great success and Kenya, well, he could eat it by the pound. The moral of the story is that just because you don't know or like a food doesn't mean your kids won't.

Kids tend to be much more open minded then we give them credit for when we don't impose our dislikes on them. When you offer a meal to your child, try putting a veggie or fruit that you wouldn't expect them to enjoy and see what happens. Don't say anything or draw attention to it. Let them discover it for themselves. You just might be surprised!

Steamed Okra Recipe: Whole Okra or Frozen Okra Pieces 1. Bring steamer pot of water to a boil. 2. Steam whole okra for 6 minutes or frozen okra pieces for 3-4 minutes or until tender (you could also microwave frozen pieces for 2 minutes). 3. Serve and enjoy!

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