Staring Down Cancer: No rest for the weary

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Noreen has been quite fatigued and has an upper-respiratory infection. Amazingly, she keeps pushing ahead.  Push-push-push, then crawl into bed to regain strength.

Someone close to us got mad at me and said, "Why don't you stop her from working on her foundation so hard? You are going to kill her. Shame on you."

I pointed out that it's the cancer that kills. And, I believe in Noreen's will to find a chemo that turns cancer into a manageable and treatable disease, like diabetes, so she can maintain a good quality of life despite her illness.  She knows the cure is the long-range target, but being able to work and play and interact with friends and family is worth the time and effort to find this interim answer.

It hurts to have anyone feel I am doing my wife a disservice, but I'm not going to pull her back or even intimate slowing down.  It is this emotional drive that keeps her alive and involved.

To me, this shows my love.