Staring Down Cancer: My wife confronts another hurdle

As Noreen Fraser’s husband, I want to say again how much I admire the remarkable woman I married. We’ve added in a new wrinkle, which is causing her a tremendous amount of pain.

Noreen was scheduled to go into the hospital to have three ribs treated for small tumors, a procedure called cryoablation (which she has undergone before). Two days before she was to have the procedure, she woke up in excruciating pain.

At first they thought it was her heart, but then decided it was another rib, in the front. She went in for the cryoablation procedure (now for four ribs), and Dr. Genshaft was surprised. It wasn’t a fourth rib, it was her gallbladder.

Noreen had a “hot” gallbladder (inflamed).**

The question then became: Do they remove the gallbladder or drain it for eight to 10 weeks? Because of her somewhat deteriorating physical condition, they decided to put in a drain.

That’s where we are.

When her pain subsides enough from the gallbladder attack, she will be scheduled for the cryoablation procedure on the three ribs.

I just want to say that Noreen manages her pain in an amazing fashion. She still gives me orders! I love this woman.