Sorting out the facts about Greek yogurt

It seems many people are “going Greek” these days – at least when it comes to yogurt.

We got this question from a viewer:

Dear Dr. Manny,
Is Greek yogurt really healthier than regular yogurt?
Thanks, Allison

Greek yogurt usually has more protein than regular yogurt, but that doesn’t always mean it’s more healthy – some kinds contain a lot of sugar and fat. So it’s important to always check labels and compare if you have insulin sensitivity or need to control your sugar intake.

But, according to New York-based registered dietician and author of "The Miracle Carb Diet," Tanya Zuckerbrot, Greek yogurt does tend to have less sugar than other yogurts because during the straining process, whey and lactose are removed.

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“The other benefit is that Greek yogurt does have twice the amount of protein per 6 ounces than typical yogurt,” Zuckerbrot told  “Six ounces of Greek yogurt contains 18 grams of protein – which is equivalent to 2 to 3 ounces of protein found in a chicken breast.”

Zuckerbrot also noted that conventional yogurt may not just have more sugar, but also more sodium.

“Greek yogurt tends to have less than 50 milligrams of sodium – which can help reduce your risk for hypertension,” she added.