Simple Ways to Prepare Shrimp

Shrimp are mouthwatering crustaceans, and to make sure you prepare them just right, consider peeling and de-veining your own shrimp. Whether you plan on boiling or grilling your shrimp, you should know how to peel and de-vein them first. It’s a simple way to unlock the pleasures of delicious shrimp.

Selecting and defrosting your shrimp
Purchase fresh shrimp when you can. Remember to eat fresh shrimp within 24 hours because it is extremely perishable. If you live far away from the ocean, you may need to purchase frozen shrimp instead. Depending on your preference, you can choose any shrimp size from extra small to colossal. If you purchased frozen shrimp, defrost them in ice water or the refrigerator — never the microwave. Shrimp should be kept cold so keep them in a bowl of ice while working with them.


  1. Remove a shrimp from the bowl.
  2. Remove the head and legs.
  3. Hold an unpeeled shrimp between your thumbs and forefingers with the shrimp’s underside facing you.
  4. Remove the outer shell, beginning with the corners near the head end.


  1. Some people choose to keep the tip of the tail on. You may remove this as well if you desire.
  2. Cut a deep incision (one-fourth of an inch) along the shrimp’s back with a small paring knife. This will reveal the dorsal vein just below the back’s surface.
  3. Remove the vein with the knife or your fingers.
  4. Return each shrimp to the bowl of ice until you are prepared to cook each one.

Health benefits
Now that you have the basics of peeling and de-veining down, you may want to incorporate shrimp into your diet more often. Shrimp contain many nutrients your body craves, including protein, vitamin D, vitamin B3, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. All this nourishment can help fight depression, lower the risk of some cancers, promote prostate health, keep your skin healthy, stabilize blood sugar levels and boost energy.

Ways to enjoy
There are many ways for you to cook and enjoy your shrimp, resulting in many different delicious entrees. You can enjoy garlic shrimp, kung pao shrimp, calypso shrimp, barbeque shrimp, shrimp curry, popcorn shrimp, Sichuan shrimp with chili sauce, shrimp Dijon, shrimp alfredo or shrimp bisque. However you choose to indulge, you are now prepared.