Parents know how scary it can be when their kid spikes a fever. Classic flu symptoms like body aches, chills and headaches cannot always be verbalized by a young child, and around the clock monitoring can be exhausting and nearly impossible. But in the era of wearable technology, there are new innovations to help give you some peace of mind.

TempTraq is a wearable, wireless temperature monitor that sends continuous temperature readings directly to your phone through an app. By tracking their vitals with regular, uninterrupted readings, you won’t have to upset or wake a sick child with multiple temperature check-ups.

The device comes in the form of a thin flexible patch that gets placed on the underarm of a child and transmits real-time and historical temperature data to a parent's phone up to 40 feet away. It can also send alerts to your phone when a child's temperature goes above any temperature you set.

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Parents have the option to send the temperature information to their pediatrician via email through the app.

The TempTraq website states it was tested by a FCC-certified lab and provides the equivalent of an oral reading, which uses 98.6 degrees as the standard for temperature measurement.

The 24-hour wearable costs $ 19.99 for a one-time use patch.

For more visit TempTraq.com.