Seeing Clearly: Safety Tips to Ensure Healthy Contact Lens Use

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Due to today's story regarding an Australian man suing an American contact solution manufacturer, claiming the solution caused his partial blindness,we talked to Dr. Michael Ehrenhausfrom Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, New York about good contact lens health.

Dr. Michael Ehrenhaus

Proper care and hygiene are vital to the safe wear of contact lenses. While contact lenses are helpful to many people, all contacts have the increased risk of causing infection, no matter what the type. This is because the cornea needs oxygen, and all contact lenses block its transmission to some degree.

With proper cleaning, wear regimens and routine check-ups, lenses can be a safe and effective way to correct your vision.

Here are some tips every contact lens wearer should know:

*Use caution with multipurpose no-rub solutions

*Wash and dry your hands before handling your lenses

*Do not wear lens overnight and if possible try daily disposables

*Make sure to see your doctor to get checked for a perfect fit, over-wear, and changes to the surface of your eye

*Always keep lenses, the solutions, and the storage cases in a clean, dry environment. Never use regular tap water to clean your lenses or cases.

*Do not exceed the expiration dates on your solutions, and make sure you are using the correct solution for your particular kind of lens

*Do not "share" lenses with friends or relatives. (The fit may be incorrect and you can potentially cause more harm than good).

*Don't purchase cosmetic lenses without a proper examination and recommendation from an eye care specialist.

*If you experience discomfort while wearing the lenses, remove them and go to see an eye specialist. (This is especially important if there is any pain, redness, decreased vision or light sensitivity).

*Lubricate the eyes often with approved re-wetting solutions and artificial tears.