Secretary Sebelius on trial: Medical malpractice at the highest level

America, I told you so. You were bamboozled.

Where would a hospital administrator be today – or a physician, for that matter – if they practiced health care regulation the way that U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been practicing it up until today?

I’ll tell you where:  In court, discredited, and with a looming potential liability.

But at the federal level, Sebelius is immune.  Testifying on Capitol Hill Wednesday about the disaster that is the ObamaCare rollout, she finally owned up to the numerous mistakes she has made.  However, she still tried to hide under this umbrella of ignorance, claiming she does not have enough data or information to provide to the American people.

Previously, she skirted around the issue, by choosing to only answer the questions she wanted to answer.  And as a typical political bureaucrat, she also attempted to deflect criticism by changing the discussion from what’s really important and placing blame on the ObamaCare website’s contractors, as well as the GOP.

"And frankly, a political atmosphere where the majority party, at least in the House, was determined to stop this anyway they possibly could ... was not an ideal atmosphere,” Sebelius said at a community health center in Austin.

I understand that projects of this magnitude can be tricky to implement, but the Affordable Care Act has been a problem from the beginning – one that is proving to only get worse.

So let’s analyze this.  We now have overwhelming evidence that you won’t be able to keep your doctor. We also have evidence that shows insurance companies are dropping individuals from their plans at an alarming rate.  We have no idea what reimbursements are going to be for health care facilities, and the price of insurance premiums is skyrocketing.

And all of this is being monitored by a group of Washington bureaucrats who can’t give us any answers.  Why? Because they have delegated the bulk of the work to private contractors, who have even admitted that they have done a poor job.

Meanwhile, the American taxpayer is already on the hook for millions of dollars for a health care system that does not work – and it will only require more money to try to fix it.

So what should we ask for?  The immediate resignation of Sebelius.  She is not qualified.  We don’t need an elitist, bureaucratic Washington insider to make decisions on how to manage our health care system.  President Obama should back off from this health care law, which should really be called The Health Reconstruction Project of 2014 – since that’s what we’re facing in our current situation.

The moral obligation of providing affordable health insurance for Americans is something I support.  But what I do not support is the incompetency of Sebelius, which has created and overwhelming catastrophe for the profession that I love.