A Colorado teenager who was prescribed medical marijuana for a neurological condition is being told he cannot attend his school if he is “under the influence,” kdvr.com reported.

The teenager, who is not being named for privacy reasons, has myaclonus diaphragmatic flutter – a condition that causes him to have seizures in his chest and throat.

The boy’s father, Shan Moore, said the marijuana can be taken in the form of a lozenge or a pill. However, under state law, the teen cannot have marijuana on school property, so he cannot keep it at the nurse’s office like other medications.

Moore said his family set up a plan where his son would leave school and come home to take the medicine if he needed, but the school is now saying the teen cannot return to school if he has taken the pill.

"We've been trying to do this by the book, and they have changed the script on us," Moore told the news station.

"If the student ingests medical marijuana off-campus and returns to school, then as long as the student isn’t disruptive or showing signs of impairment then they are treated just like any other student," said part of a statement by the school district, Harrison School District Two.

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