The salmonella outbreak linked to a Rhode Island bakery has claimed another life.

The Rhode Island Department of Health said a man, who tested positive for salmonella, died Thursday after being hospitalized. The unidentified man was in his 90s, and was from Providence County. This is the second death linked to the bakery’s salmonella case.

Both victims reported eating baked items made at DeFusco's Bakery in Johnston, which voluntarily shut down last month until further notice.

In addition to the two deaths, a total of 70 people have become ill, and more than two dozen have been hospitalized.

Several people who were sickened with the same strain of salmonella told health officials they ate doughnut-like pastries called zeppoles, which were made by DeFusco's.

The pastries also were sold at other stores around the state and have since been recalled.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.