Risking Your Life for Long-Lasting Sex

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Recently, I did an "Ask Dr. Manny" video about the potential side effects of recreational Viagra use, and since then, I've gotten a lot of questions from our viewers. Not a week goes by where I don't get a request from a male friend, an acquaintance or the husband of one of my patients asking for a prescription for Viagra or one of the many popular drugs thought to enhance the sexual experience. I always decline these requests because I truly believe that Viagra and similar products should not be seen as the type of drug that could easily be found in a candy store.

These drugs are marketed by pharmaceutical companies directly to consumers and are seen as drugs that are supposed to make you happy, virile and improve your relationship with your partner. But in reality, recreational use without proper indication and assessment by a physician could be quite dangerous.

Yes, Viagra has helped men all over the world with erectile dysfunction - a problem that needs to be addressed for the well-being of the patient as well as his partner. The track record of Viagra in general compared to many drugs is quite good. But one has to realize that there have been deaths attributed to Viagra, as well as many visual and cardiac side effects.

One of the things that I mentioned in the video is the necessity for patients asking for Viagra to be quite open about their medical history and the types of medications they're currently taking. Viagra is a very potent vasodilator, meaning it dilates the blood vessels. So if a patient has any other medication in their system that dilates the vessels, they could end up suffering from a heart attack, kidney or liver complications.

It's important to remember that not all kinds of sexual dysfunction are due to vascular problems. So for those patients, even though Viagra may help, it does not properly address the underlying problem - which is why it's also vital to be open with your physician about the type of sexual problems you're experiencing.

Finally, I don't know about you, but I get bombarded with ads for Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and similar drugs through my e-mail! With the state of the world today, with the amount of medication tampering, drug diluting and unscrupulous start-up companies using harmful chemicals just to save a buck, it's a wonder to me that anyone would actually entertain the thought of purchasing these drugs from online pharmacies. As consumers we must remain vigilant in our efforts to thwart the sale of these and other harmful drugs sold over the Internet by being cautious and smart in our decisions.

So for all you guys out there just looking to enhance one of life's greatest gifts - I don't mean to rain on your parade - but you can't enjoy the gift if you're not around to receive it!

Have youever thought about using Viagra for fun?