Rebecca Romijn's successful health tips

The best way I can think to describe Rebecca Romijn, really, is that she's a walking smile.

Arriving at her favorite café, she's in wide-mouth glee, greeting everyone on staff—and laughing, on average, about once every three minutes. Why? Life is good! This month, the 39-year-old—who just wrapped her second season of NTSF: SD: SUV on the Adult Swim network—is celebrating five years of marriage to actor Jerry O'Connell. Their twin girls, Charlie and Dolly, are three-and-a-half and bringing out her best. And she looks amazing.

What's her secret to losing the baby weight—and staying fit and full of energy? We asked and she arrived armed with notes ("I'm an interview nerd," she laughs). Here, her recipes for the good life.

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6 Tips for a Happy Life
Splurge a little. "I'm really not about deprivation. If I want a piece of pie, I mean, come on—you have to enjoy life! Especially if you have kids. I usually keep Sunday for whatever-you-want-to-eat day."

Work out. "Especially cardio and yoga. It's a big part of my recipe for happiness."

Dance it off. "My mom used that as a tool to work herself out of a bad mood. I remember dancing around the house to 'We Are Family.' I'm introducing the girls to the Beatles and Stevie Wonder. We have a little disco ball in our living room; we love our dance parties."

Park it in a sunny spot. "My dad, in his adorable Dutch accent, has always said, 'Sometimes you just have to sit and stare at your belly button.' I think it's an important part of everybody's day. Park it! It's very calming. I do it in a sunny spot. And usually one or more of the two dogs and two cats wants to sit there with me!"

How to get a good night's sleep in a crazy-busy household
"Sleep is so important. But as soon as you become a mother, you're always a little bit awake, because your one ear is always sort of listening."

Go easy on vino. "I've had to cut down on wine drinking, big time. I'd fall asleep for an hour, and then be wide awake! Every once in a while, I'd toy with the idea of, 'I can be a cool mom—a party girl at night and a mom in the morning.' But I'd regret it every time. Because those girls wake up at 6 a.m. no matter what time you come home!"

Zone out. "I know you're not supposed to have TV in your room, but I like watching a little. I need something mindless."

Laugh off bad nights. "Jerry snores. I'm constantly rolling him over to get him to stop. And sometimes I hold his nose. It's terrible, but it makes me laugh. He also says really crazy things in his sleep. He keeps me entertained while he's keeping me awake."

Recipe to ease your allergies
"They say that if you get any allergies at all, eat a spoonful of honey that's made from local flowers. It's like a homeopathic remedy for beating allergies; it helps your body adjust to your allergies. My daughter and I both started getting runny noses, so we each had a spoonful of Topanga honey, and feel great."

What helps me work out harder
"I really like listening to music when I'm hiking or exercising. I don't like hearing myself breathe. I'm like, 'Am I dying? I think I'm breathing too hard. This is bad. I'm sure this is bad. I should slow down.' [Laughs] I really don't do myself any favors."

A trick for beating cravings
"I use the apple trick. If you're sitting in front of the TV and just want something to munch on, I'll go for an apple. Refrigerated Fuji apples, nice, crisp, sweet. Man I love 'em. Eating apples is good on so many levels. There's fiber in the skin that's really good for you. It helps with digestion and helps you absorb all the nutrients of everything you've eaten that day. Apples are a really good thing."

Hot fitness tip
"After I had my babies and was struggling to lose that last bit of weight, I had to challenge my body in a different way. Bikram yoga was key. You sweat so much, you'll lose poundage. Though honestly? I dread it every time. [After] I'm grateful for it."

Recipe for instant relationship therapy: A tandem bicycle
"Jerry and I bought a tandem bike a few years ago. He's in the front and I'm in back—and if you're in back, you can't see where you're going. He's one of these daredevil guys, and I'd be screaming my head off at him. But at a certain point, I would just surrender to it and start working with him. Riding a tandem bike became the best marital therapy you could possibly ask for. We would always come back completely different—in sync, the team again."

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