Reality Star: Botched Implants Almost Killed Me

Sassy Australian reality TV show star Tabatha Coffey revealed that a botched breast augmentation almost killed her.

The hair stylist and star of BRAVO’s reality TV show “Tabatha's Salon Takeover” said her implant ruptured an artery and infected her chest, The Herald Sun reported.

"It was an incredibly traumatic ordeal," she writes in her upcoming book “It's Not Really About the Hair.”

"I had lusted after bigger boobs for years, and then they almost killed me," Coffey said.

Days after the surgery, her left breast moved up under her arm and onto her shoulder.

After extreme pain, she had the implants removed.

"I was better off accepting my real boobs," she said.

Dr. Michael Fiorillo, a New York City-based plastic surgeon, told that although Coffey’s case sounds extreme, it is possible.

“An infection can happen for sure. An implant can move into the armpit if you open the pocket too much,” Fiorillo said.

There are different ways a surgeon can put in breast implants. One way is through the underarm, and in that case there is a chance they can move laterally, according to Fiorillo.

“The rupture rate is between one to three percent and it can happen spontaneously or through trauma, such as a car accident,” he said. “The failure rate of the device [implant] is small, but there is a chance they can rupture.”

It is possible that Coffey had saline implants, because they are more likely to rupture than silicone implants.

“I tell my patients, breast augmentation is one of the safest procedures around. The complication rate is not zero, but it is pretty safe. This is a very unusual circumstance,” he said.

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