Rare sleep disorder has woman eating 2,500 calories a night

A woman has to go on a diet during the day because she eats up to 2,500 calories a night in her sleep, The Sun reported.

Lesley Cusack, 55, loves foods like bacon and butter pudding in the middle of the night. The mother of three has to keep herself on a strict diet during the day because at night, she has no control over what she eats.

Cusack, from Warrington, Chesire in the United Kingdom, has a rare sleep disorder called nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder, which finds her eating while sleeping -- and not remembering it the next day.

“I can only tell by the remains in the morning," Cusack said. “Sometimes I’ve found soup in pans, but also in bowls -- it all can get rather messy."

Cusack said she's tried putting alarms on doors in the hopes it will wake her up -- but it didn't work.

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