Six members of Ohio State women's lacrosse team have been sidelined by the same rare muscle disorder that struck 13 Iowa football players little more than a year ago.

The Buckeyes lacrosse players were admitted to the university's Wexner Medical Center Friday, displaying symptoms of rhabdomyolysis.

Two of the athletes have been treated and released, WCMH-TV reported Monday. The remaining four reportedly are recovering and listed in fair condition.

Rhabdomyolysis -- a syndrome brought on by a direct or indirect muscle injury -- causes a breakdown of muscle fibers and releases their contents into the bloodstream, and can lead to complications such as kidney failure.

Thirteen Iowa football players were hospitalized with the rare muscle disorder in January 2011.

It was believed the football players' illness was triggered by an "intense, high-volume squat-lifting workout." All 13 players eventually recovered after spending anywhere from four to six days under hospital care.

The Ohio State women's lacrosse team was on a break for exams when they became ill and did not have a game this weekend.

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