Two sisters in the UK shed their skin every day due to a rare condition that causes their skin to grow six times faster than usual, the Daily Mail reported.

Stacey, 16, and Emma Picken, 18, were born with a disease called lamellar ichthyosis, a condition that occurs in only one in 600,000 people.

The girls have to rub a special moisturizer on their bodies every day to soften their skin.  They also can’t go outside during the daytime because direct sunlight could cause them to sweat and overheat, which could potentially kill them.

Their condition is caused by a defective gene that is carried by the girls’ parents, Steven and Sarah Picken.  The couple have four more children who do not suffer from the disease.

Steven Picken said that school has been hard for the girls since they’ve been bullied by their peers and they can’t participate in any outdoor activities.  The family also can’t take vacations abroad and often hope for rain when they travel in the UK.

However, the Pickens said that Stacey and Emma have adapted well to their condition.  Emma is even trying to reach out to others by creating a camp for children who look different.

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