Three companies are recalling prawns, soy burgers and kale chips because of allergy concerns, and Rite Aid Corp is pulling butter cookies because of possible bacteria contamination, according to company statements on the Food and Drug Administration website.

Pacific Oyster Co. of Bay City, Oregon, is recalling 194 cases of Nate's Spiced Prawns because they contain undeclared sulfites, the company said.

The prawns were distributed to retailers in Oregon and Washington.

Gardenburger LLC, of Clearfield, Utah, is recalling some of its Eating Right Soy Protein Burgers packages because they mistakenly held Veggie Burgers, which contain milk, the company said.
The label does not list milk as an ingredient, it said. The retail package is a four-count, 10-ounce carton found in freezer cases.

Rhythm Superfoods LLC is pulling about 2,700 cases of Kool Ranch Kale Chips because they were put into packaging that did not say that cashews were an ingredient, the Austin, Texas, company said.

The chips were possibly shipped to retailers nationwide, it said.

Milk, cashews and sulfites can cause potentially life-threatening reactions if they are eaten by people sensitive to them.

Rhythm Superfoods said one case of allergic reaction to the cashews had been reported
Rite Aid, a drug store chain, is recalling about 85,000 12-ounce tins of Rich Fields butter cookies because they may be contaminated with bacillus cereus, the company said in a statement.