Poll: Americans Have Upbeat Views of Unhealthy Diets

Most Americans think they have a healthy diet -- but many of them need to eat their words.

People are trying to eat right, but a lot are getting it wrong, according to a new Consumer Reports poll.

A whopping 89.7 percent of those surveyed rated their own diet as "somewhat" (52.6 percent), "very" (31.5 percent) or "extremely" (5.6 percent) healthy.

But a mere 28 percent said they limit sweets and sugar every day, and 26 percent said they curbed fat consumption daily, according to the poll.

"Americans should spend less time patting themselves on the back and more time trying to eat a good diet," said Nancy Metcalf, senior program editor at Consumer Reports Health.

When it comes to vegetables, the poll found that the five most popular -- those eaten at least once a week -- are lettuce or salad greens, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes (other than sweet potatoes) and broccoli.

The top five on the poll's list of "wallflower" veggies -- those that respondents said they rarely or never eat -- are parsnips, Swiss chard, bok choy, turnips or rutabagas and artichokes.

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