An Arizona teenager is recovering after a life threatening surgery, MyFoxPhoenix reported. He had part of his skull removed, and that skull part was implanted near his stomach for months.

15-year-old Jake Falletich, a student at Williamsfield High School, was hit by a car while riding his bike on January 2.

He was transported by air to Maricopa Medical Center, and there, doctors saw the right side of his skull was crushed. He also had other skull fractures near his spinal cord, and things weren't looking good.

"Doctors and nurses all prepared us to wait," said Jake's mother, Terry Falletich.

11 days in a coma, 3 weeks in intensive care, and months of rehab later, Jake is ready to resume a normal life.

When the accident happened, doctors removed a piece of his skull and put in his abdomen to stay viable while his head swelling went down. It was just replaced.

"I think it's amazing what medical science can do nowadays. You look back 20 years, they couldn't do this," said Jake.

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