Parents in China who took their infant to the doctor after he had not passed a stool for four months were shocked to find that their son had been born without a rectum, Central European News (CEN) reported.

Huang Chang, 1, underwent corrective surgery to fix the deformity, in which the digestive system has no way to pass solids from the body.

“When he was first born, everything seemed fine and no one noticed that his bottom was malformed,” Shan Chang, Huang’s mom, told CEN. “But when he got to 4 months old, we noticed that he never did a poo but cried an awful lot, and we became worried.”

Huang underwent three anal reconstruction surgeries over a six-month period.

“First, we did a colostomy so the boy could pass solids,” a hospital spokesperson told CEN.

“Surgeons then made a cut in his anal area to pull the rectal pouch into place and create an anal opening. There were risks attached to the operation as there always are, but our surgeons knew what they were doing and the procedures all went smoothly,” the spokesperson said.

Doctors do not expect any further complications and say Huang should grow up to have a normal life.

“We have been told the colostomy will have to stay in place for another few months, but at least he can now poo happily,” Shan told CEN.