In December a man, waiting for a train in Times Square, was pushed to his death by a mentally ill homeless person, police said. In response to this incident and others like it, the city is now taking a more proactive approach to get the mentally ill off the streets.

Police are now looking for New Yorkers who are not getting their court-ordered mental treatment.

The city has drawn up a sort-of most wanted list: 25 New Yorkers who have mental hygiene warrants out for them.

Cops are now actively looking for those individuals. If found, they will be required to receive mental health treatment.

Dr. Harris Stratyner, a psychologist, is concerned the measure could go against some people's rights.

The health department released this statement: "all of these patients are receiving treatment for mental health conditions. If they do not receive sustained treatment... they could pose some risk to themselves, family members or others."

These mentally ill people cops are looking for were supposed to be receiving court-ordered treatment. If found, he or she would be taken to a hospital not jail.

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