NYC doctor with Ebola doing well enough to ride stationary bike, play banjo, report says

The Hamilton Heights doctor stricken with Ebola is feeling so good, he’s been rocking out to his favorite music, strumming a banjo and exercising in his isolation unit at Bellevue Hospital, sources told The New York Post.

“It’s super hilarious. Everyone says the doctor is a total hipster!” said a source of Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, noting that he’s also been doing yoga.

Spencer plays David Bowie and ‘90s indie band Interpol around the clock to the point that nurses “keep asking what that god awful music coming from his room is,” the source said.

The Doctors Without Borders physician, who’s been in isolation since his Oct. 23 diagnosis, has also been using a stationary bike for exercise — when he’s not plucking a banjo gifted to him by a hospital staffer, sources said.

“He is an avid little banjo player and he’s self-taught,” Chriselle Gardner, the mother of Spencer’s fiancee Morgan Dixon, told The Post. “I can tell you, he’s keeping his doctors amused.”

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