A nurse who has been diagnosed with OCD is now opening up about her struggles with the disorder, reported the Daily Mail.  Debbie Tomson, 31, said at one point her disorder got so bad she even contemplated committing suicide.

Tomson, who lives in the U.K., was diagnosed with OCD when she was 16.  When she was younger, Tomson believed if she touched a door handle, her family would die.

Tomson told the Daily Mail she also used to be afraid of fire, fearing it would burn her house down.  As she progressed in age, she would wash her hands until her hands bled,  fumigate her house whenever someone came over  and wash her face furiously until her skin was dry.

After the birth of her daughter Mina, Tomson’s symptoms worsened.  She said her daughter would touch everything, and Tomson could not control her.  Tomson fell into depression and contemplated committing suicide.

Tomson underwent psychotherapy, and while it hasn’t fully cured her of the disease, the treatment has made her more aware of her illness.  She told the Daily Mail that people shouldn’t have to suffer in silence and has started a support group for people with the disease, inviting people to come together and talk about their problems.

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