No smoking allowed on Ole Miss campus

If you are looking for a place to smoke on the Ole Miss campus, good luck with that.

The new "No Smoking" policy has it covered and is being strictly enforced.

The policy reads you can't smoke anywhere on the Ole Miss campus. That includes the interior of all university buildings. As for the property or the grounds, you can't smoke on the sidewalks, parking lots, recreational areas, partially enclosed or open areas such as walkways, breezeways, patios, porches, gazebos, tents and bus shelters.

As for university vehicles, you can't smoke in them, you can't smoke in the campus bus shelters, golf carts, or any university rides.

In other words, no smoking anywhere at any time on the Ole Miss campus.

Most students thought it was a good idea saying that it will help clean up the campus and keep the air smelling a bit more fresh. Some of the student body didn't think the effort would help curb smoking saying people would do it anyhow.

If you do choose to smoke on the Ole Miss campus you will be fined $25.

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