Newlywed mom of 5 dies after giving birth to twin girls

California firefighter Nick Reeder was by his wife’s side on April 9, when she gave birth via scheduled C-section to their healthy twin girls. But shortly after, 37-year-old Amanda Sawyer told her husband she didn’t feel well and passed out. She was pronounced dead less than an hour later, the Fresno Bee reported.

Reeder is now mourning the wife he met four years ago online while also focusing on raising the five children left behind. The couple tied the knot in November after learning Sawyer was expecting twins, who are named Kelce and Kaia. The pregnancy was smooth, Reeder said, and their births went as planned, according to the Fresno Bee.


“She bopped them on the nose and had a few special moments with them,” he told the news outlet.

He said the doctors and nurses tried everything they could to save his wife.

“She was my rock,” the fire captain told the Fresno Bee.

Now the community is rallying around Reeder and he tends to the couple’s children. A GoFundMe page has raised nearly $40,000, while his firehouse set up a meal train.

“I can get through it,” he told ABC 30. “I can do it. I’m a fireman. I fix things. That’s what I do. So I’m going to be able to make this happen. I’m going to make this work, but it’s not going to be by myself.”