New 'floating yoga' workout combines yoga moves and paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is one of the hottest water sports of the summer.

“You utilize 85 percent of the body’s muscle,” said April Yakaboski, owner of Aerial Fitness Hot Yoga in Riverhead, N.Y.  “You’re constantly in a state of motion so you’re constantly balancing and stabilizing.”

However, for those who wanted an extra challenge, Yakaboski created a brand new regimen. The new workout, called “Floating Yoga” incorporates yoga moves on a paddleboard.

“We do about 10 to 15 minute paddles, so you get that experience,” Yakaboski said. “…And then we anchor down so our board is not going everywhere, and we do about 30 to 45 minute yoga exercises, and then we get up and we paddle back.  So it’s a full experience.”

However, there is one big obstacle when it comes to Floating Yoga: staying on the board.

“It’s challenging, and every week I think I get a little bit better, because you trust the board a little bit more,” said Rachel Goodale, a Floating Yoga student.  “You’re unstable, and it’s bringing that balance…your core is working twice as hard.  I love it.”

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