New Drug May Stop Hair From Going Gray

Scientists say they have created a pill that stops hair from turning gray.

Experts at beauty firm L'Oreal claim it will keep your hair its natural color forever.

They say the daily drug will not be expensive and is totally natural because it uses a fruit extract.

"People will take it like a dietary supplement. They need to start using the pill before their hair goes gray," said Bruno Bernard, head of hair biology at the cosmetics company.

L'Oreal — which has been developing the drug for more than a decade — say it won't be available until 2015. And it will take ten more years before they can prove it works because it takes that long for gray hairs to sprout.

The pill contains a fruit extract which mimics a chemical called tyrosinase-related protein 2 or TRP-2. Hair is at its most vigorous from birth to the age of 25, but from age 30-plus TRP-2 begins to wane.