Nearly 2 million Americans go under the knife each year, hoping for a more youthful appearance.

Now,  a new treatment can give patients the look they want – without invasive surgery.

Tripollar uses radiofrequency technology to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite anywhere on the body.

Dr. Michael Fiorillo, a New York City-based plastic surgeon, said the treatment is  unlike any other technology on the market.

"There’s a transducer that runs over the top of your skin, and it heats the skin up,” Fiorello told FoxNews.com. “By heating the skin, it causes the collagen to remodel.”

An infrared ‘Lumi Cam’ monitors the temperature of the skin during treatment, and patients say the treatment feels like a warm massage – and there’s no recovery time.

"The person that’s providing the treatment wants to keep the skin temperature at a certain temperature for maximum result," he said.

Fiorillo said patients see full results in just five treatments, but they notice a difference immediately.

"My patients absolutely love this treatment,” he said. “It’s affordable, it feels great, and you have instant results when you get off the table.”

Patients say treatment feels like a warm massage, and requires no recovery time.

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