Need a flu shot? Uber is making house calls

Uber says it's now making "house calls," at least for one day. The ride-sharing service says that after the success of last year's program, it is offering flu shots to people in 35 cities for $10 between 11am and 3pm on Thursday, Nov. 19, the Washington Post reports.

The shot—technically free, as long as a $10 "wellness pack" is purchased—comes with a nurse, who will actually deliver up to 10 shots with the purchase of that single pack, meaning you and your co-workers can take care of business for the low, low cost of $1 each.

Of course, there may be a tussle over who gets to keep the pack, which includes an UberHEALTH-branded water bottle and tote, tissues, hand sanitizer, and a lollipop.

Those who select the UberHEALTH option via their app are asked to "select a suitable indoor location prior to UberHEALTH arriving," and the shot may be administered to those ages 4 and up.

The nurses will be provided by a company called Passport Health, which will share the costs of the program with Uber and health data-mining firm Epidemico, reports the Chicago Tribune.

It adds that 10,000 shots will be available; 2,000 vaccinations were given in just four cities by Uber last year. Instructions on how to take part, and a list of all the cities covered, can be found on Uber's "UberHealth" page.

(Last month, Uber drivers delivered something soft and fuzzy to cuddle-craving users in 50 cities.)

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