When a 32-year-old sought fertility treatment in India, she learned that while her appearance is female, her chromosomes are 95 percent male; the intersex condition is known as XY gonadal dysgenesis, reports the Daily Mail.

Thanks to extensive hormone treatments, she has just given birth to healthy twins—a feat that's only been reported in five previous cases. "This is akin to a male delivering twins," fertility specialist Sunil Jindal tells AFP.

"It’s nothing short of a medical miracle. We are really happy that we could pull it off." The woman had never gone through puberty or menstruated, and was "flabbergasted" to learn of her condition, though her husband remained supportive and reportedly told her, "No matter what, you continue to be my wife." To prep her body for pregnancy, the woman first underwent a year of hormonal and other medical treatments to develop her "infantile uterus," at which point donor eggs fertilized by her husband's sperm were implanted.

Born via Cesarean, the boy and girl weighed in at 4.9lbs. and 5.5lbs. (A woman born "genetically male" also recently gave birth to twins.)

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