Mom Unexpectedly Gives Birth in Bank

A Minnesota woman unexpectedly gave birth at a bank in less than two minutes, CBS Minnesota reported.

Christina Nguyen was working as a bank teller at a U.S. Bank branch in downtown Minneapolis when she started to feel sick.

“The water broke, and then the baby came out. So, he was pretty quick, didn’t have any chance to respond,” Nguyen said of her newborn son, Jaden Johnson.

Co-workers said they were puzzled when they thought they heard a baby crying.

“All of a sudden we heard like, a baby crying, and none of us could figure out where the noise was coming from. We’re like, ‘Is that a baby?’,” said Nguyen’s co-worker, Victoria Straub.

Straub cut the umbilical cord, and managers called 911. Nguyen and her baby boy were taken to North Memorial Medical Center in nearby Robbinsdale, where the five-week premature baby was put in the intensive care unit for several days.

“He was a surprise for all of us,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen said she thinks Jaden is destined to be a banker, just like his mother.

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