Mom hears baby for the first time thanks to donated hearing aids

Thanks to a local business, one mom is able to hear her six-month-old baby’s cry— for the first time.

Mariah, a mother of six, lost her hearing late in life and since then, the adjustment has been hard. On Monday, thanks to a gift of hearing aids from Sacramento-based Avalon Hearing Aid Centers, she heard her son, Morgan, cry for the first time, reported Fox40.

“He’s really, really loud,” Mariah told the news channel.

“In the night it’s very scary because I don’t know if he will, when he’s waking up if I’m going to wake up,” she said, of life before the hearing aids.

For the last five years,  Avalon Hearing Aid Centers has given the gift of free hearing aids to those who are unable to afford it. This year, twelve adults ages 33 to 94 were fitted for theirs.

“When you’re reconnected to life through your sense of hearing, not only do you hear better but you get hope back and we have several people who got jobs and their lives are working well again so we’re grateful that we get to do this, too,” Betty Kemp of Avalon Hearing Aid Centers told Fox40.

“Talking on the phone, not really, going places by myself I’ve got to be careful because I don’t hear people behind me… but especially getting a job, trying to get a job because of my hearing no one really want to hire me, they were like ‘You need to get that fixed or you can’t stay,’ ” Mariah said. “Thanks to [Betty] Avalon company gave me my hearing, gave me my life back. Thank you so much.”

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