Metal Music Can Weigh Heavily on Teens' Mental State

Teenagers listening to head-banging heavy metal music are at risk of depression and suicide, according to an Australian study revealed Thursday.

The Melbourne University paper says early intervention at schools is necessary before behavioral problems start.

Katrina McFerran's study spanned five years and found heavy metal music led to mental illness in some teens aged between 13 and 18.

"Most young people listen to a range of music in positive ways—to block out crowds, to lift their mood or to give them energy when exercising," she told the Herald Sun.

"But young people at risk of depression are more likely to be listening to music, particularly heavy metal music, in a negative way."

McFerran said other music genres including rap, rock and pop did not have the same results as heavy metal.

She said youths turned to heavy metal because they found it an escape from reality and liked that some of the music reflected the pain they were feeling, making them feel not alone.

But the results also found that some teenagers had their moods lifted by listening to heavy metal.

Parents were urged to ask how their children feel after listening to heavy metal music—and if the kids were down, they should stop listening to it.

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